Oops! You Forgot to Invite Someone to your Wedding!

Oops! You Forgot to Invite Someone to your Wedding!

You might feel really embarrassed if you forgot to invite a certain someone, but the reality is wedding planning is stressful and hectic. It is very easy to miss something or someone during the mist of it all. You can try to be organized from the moment you got engaged with your wedding planning binder and spreadsheets but something will get missed. You can only hope that whatever gets missed isn’t huge or irreversible. So what happens when you realize you forgot to invite someone to your wedding?


Gauge how late in the wedding planning process this occurred. If it is days or a week after all the invites were mailed out and the person left out has already heard invites were sent, just send out the invite and blame it on the mail system or someone else. Suggest that it might have gotten lost in the system or your fiance missed mailing the one invite because he didn’t grab all the invites from his backpack when mailing them out. A little white lie hasn’t hurt anyone.


Okay at this point, the uninvited person is probably feeling left out and there may be some hurt feelings. If you send out an invite at this point, they will also feel like they were on the dreaded “B LIST.”  Where they only got an invite because the people on the “A LIST” RSVP’ed that they cannot attend your wedding. The best thing to do is to come clean and tell them they were absolutely on the A list and it would mean the word to you if they can attend your wedding. You might also want to provide them an explanation on what happened with their invite too. Be honest.


At this point, the uninvited person might just be plain p****d off they didn’t get an invitation. You can do two things at this point. 1) Move on, don’t invite them, and deal with the broken relationship later. 2) Call or meet them in person and apologize sincerely for missing their invite. Tell them what happened, that you would love for them to attend, but also be understanding that they might not be able to make it since it is such a last minute invite. If they can’t make it to your wedding, suggest that you get together after the wedding to celebrate. If they are still upset you could try turning on the waterworks, It might help but don’t count on it. You would be upset too.


Prepare your invitations super early, like unreasonably early so you have time to go over the invite list and triple check you didn’t forget anyone. Have extra invitations on hand in case you do forget someone or have to invite new people that come into your life!

Generally, don’t sweat it. If they are your friends, they will be understanding of your stress levels and will be delighted to share your special day with you.

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